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Van Nuys L.A.F.D. sucks

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

8/20/22Updated article.. Morning,  remember Don't trust L.A.F.D. If you need to call paramedics for your Independent living/ Sober living/ Room and board homes, it's best to drive the client to the hospital if they are able to go by car.  Don't let those loosers into your place.  If you do, they will smile in your face, then walk about visually checking for electrical problems, wire extensions, room conversons, bugs,  etc...then they will report you; even if there's nothing to report. Have your clients in a chair outside your gate or call a private ambulance company to transport.  They have called building and safety, environmental health and now (DOJ) Dept of Justice on my homes. They falsified their report saying untrure things about their findings,  just to gain access to my homes. When you say lies, they LIED and pasted it on thick. They really should be sued for slander.  Mentally, something is off about most of them. A meeting was called while i'm in litigation with LAFD along with the other 46 owners. Were all on the call, the famale chief, few other LAFD personnel, myself, my partner and Paul Dumot. They were very evasive, acted like they heard our concerns, tabled the issue  and never got back to us. Sad state of affairs when we pay their salary and then to be treated with such blatant  disrespect. Some of them have only  high school diplomas. They aren't that educated, sorry to say. Power trippin is what they do.  They talk down disrespectfully to female owners and lie about why they are returning to your home. Don't let them in and the threats will come out. Snakes from the female lead at the top all the way to the bottom. They are sad sacks of Sh%&.  L.A.F.D is suing and slandering ethnic housing providers in 2021. Took 46 homes to court for non sense licensed violations. Settled out of court for extortion fee of $3,000.25 wasted my time and cost of attorney $ 5,000.00 plus.  Money could have been used to house more people. This one sad sack of Sh**;Linsay Pelligrini,  she's the worst of them all power tripping to prove herself worthy in Van Nuys pushing the envelope. She should be charged for falsifying reports and slander.  She probaby had some D.O.J guy she probably doing to come and force their way into my non licrnsed home when we refused her access. I didn't allow her into two of my homes and the red face came out.   They cause such unnecessary stress on us for no real reason. All we are trying to do is to safely house people and feed our families. We don't need a license to do that. We are just low hanging fruit for them.   Some of them are selfish, heartless and horrible people in my book. Everyone loves the fire fighters, trust me they not that lovable. They are in the pockets of rich whites who can buy their loyalty and keep facilities out of their neis.  They don't want us there so they create unecessaryvproblems for us.  They intimidate and harrass us for no reason. We are here solving the housing crisis and they can give two sh**s!  They don't like that we have more than 6 people in our Sober/  Independent living family style homes. So what. You can have many unrelated people living together as a family and they know it. They come with this  egress bs though we are just living in a regular ( non licensed) home. Regular homes is not their jurisdiction and somehow, they make it their business. There's a case in California that protects our right to privacy.  First question, how many people live here. To mess with them i'd say, " how many people in your home?" Or, " A few". It 's not their business to play house police period. I can't stand the ignorance and apathy. Though the occupancy code Don't apply to non licensed homes,  they still insists that we follow some code that obviously Don't apply to us. They are violating our right to privacy and the clients ADA rights to decide where they want to live. They should be sued.  They are petty much making low income seniors, the disabled and mentally ill men and women homeless. That's the truth. Once they call linensing, these ppeople are forced to move but where. Licensing is another heartless agency.  They don't help to place the so called client, L.A.F.D reported on.  I don't bother anymore.  With the support of the ADA- American Disability Act, people have a right to choose where they want to live and no one has a right to tell them otherwise. Well Community Care Licensing with their God complex, believe they can and do. As if we don't already have enough elderly men and women on the streets already. When they shut our homes shut down,  where will all they go? LAFD and CCLD obviously don't care, as long as we are not in their neighborhoods.  I'm (18) eighteen years in this business and the blatent disregard for human life, they show themselves. They are policy book thumpers. Even if it's right, if they policy say no, they say no to people being left alone to live where they choose.  They all up in our business cause there's apparently not enough fires to put out.  Don't think they are there to help.  They are marking our homes and will report you to Licensing,  APS and anyone else they can think of to shut you down.  See they Don't get any money from us.  No annual fire inspection fees paid so we are a thorn in their side. At the end of the day, it's about $$$ money. They can't get annual fees it from non-licrnsed homes so they push us for licensure which we don't need for room and board housing.

Please call us for interviews or press. 1-888-786-4686

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