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Andrea Esparza Features Sesom Housing Corporation

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Andrea Esparza explains how the pandemic has increased the homelessness and spiked human trafficking.

Excerpt of the article is below, quoting Paulette Moses of Sesom Housing Corporation.

You can read the full article on Andrea's website.

The homeless crisis continues to worsen and people are trying to find new ways to cope with the rising demand for shelter.

San Fernando resident Paulette Moses has dedicated her life to developing shared living spaces. Moses owns seven houses throughout the valley, providing shelter for over 49 resident who without her style of housing would be homeless.

Moses says she has noticed an increase in homelessness and more abused women have come to her seeking shelter.

"I have seen a lot of abused women with all types of the stories of survival. People are now displaced due to COVID. They are losing their homes, jobs and have nowhere to go. My style of housing provides a safe space, and there needs to be more funding and acknowledgment for this style of housing," said Moses.

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