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How to help end the homeless problem?

  1. Provide support while there with them. Ask them what they need?

  2. Provide what little request they have- food, toiletries etc.

  3. Keep coming back with the intent to help them get off the streets.

  4. Get them into treatment asap- hospital who can help with drug detox. 1 to 3 weeks intensive program.

  5. Put in skilled nursing for house training and medication compliance practice. 2 to 12 months of intense therapy.

  6. When we'll enough, help apply for services while at skilled nursing - medical/ *social security benefits and Medicare.

  7. Move into Independent Living for support- socialization, medication support, day center activities and a permanent home to live in.

9. Independent living works if all the other steps are coordinated well for our homeless brothers and sisters.

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